Thursday, April 14, 2016

Smart Transformers

Smart Transformers Market worth $2,185.8 Million in 2020

The report "Smart Transformers Market by Type (Power, Distribution, Specialty, and Instrument), Application (Smart Grid, Traction Locomotive, Electric Vehicle Charging, and Others) & by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020” defines and segments the smart transformer market with analysis of value, market share of leading players, and forecast for future trends. It also identifies the driving forces, restraining factors, and challenges for the market, highlighting the latest trends, and identifying opportunities.

Smart transformers combine current competitive technology with data acquisition for monitoring power transformer critical parameters, ultimately maximizing employees’ productivity while minimizing expenses. Additionally, smart transformers integrated into Smart Grid-enabling software systems can reroute power when a transformer is sending out a distress signal or nearing the end of life.

Transformers with inbuilt monitoring functions are being produced.  Also more sophisticated monitoring technology is being developed. Current high-end solutions include multiple intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) covering different aspects of the transformer. Using these, the asset owner can monitor the behavior of the transformer core, windings, oil, tap changer and bushings.

Monitoring improves the reliability of the assets by constantly keeping a watchful eye on the most critical transformer components.

Compared to traditional transformer diagnostic methods, which are performed onsite with the transformer de-energized, monitoring gives the asset owner access to real-time condition information, even from remote locations. When changes in conditions are detected, the operator is notified immediately.

ABB Paper on Smart Transformers

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